FAQ/Store Policies

Shipping FAQs/Store Policies
☆How long does it typically take for my order to ship?

About 3-6 business days. (This estimate does not cover made to order or pre-order items.)

☆My tracking number was just sent but it isn't working?

Please allow 1-2 business days for your tracking number to update. My postal office location usually won't scan the labels in when I drop them off because I bring so many at once and they are a very busy location. The labels usually are scanned in first at the Cincinnati location which can take 1-2 days for them to arrive there. Thank you for your patience.

☆I need my order by XYZ date, can you ship it to me in time??

I WILL NOT GUARANTEE. Please choose an appropriate shipping method for your rush service. If you need your item in <5 days then please don't choose First Class shipping and urge me to send your package immediately when I have dozens of other orders that come before yours that must be taken care of first. If you need your order by a specific date please write it in the box of your checkout section along with choosing priority or express shipping method and I will do my very best to get your items to you ASAP. Let's work together and make it happen. ♡

☆Once my package has shipped, how long does shipping take to get to me?

USA : 2-14 business days. (Varies based on your location, the postal service speed/delays, the shipping method you chose etc.)

Overseas Letter Mail : 3-14 business days (Varies based on your location, the postal service speed/delays)

Overseas Packages/Parcels : 1-7 weeks. (Varies based on your location, the postal service speed/delays, the shipping method you chose, whether you owe customs fee or not, etc.)

☆What happens if my package does not arrive?

Please contact your local post office. I am not responsible for any lost/stolen/damaged packages or unpaid customs fees during it's delivery. If your tracking number is working and your item has not arrived still, even if you're in the US, PLEASE be patient, sometimes there are delays within the USPS delivery process. please don't expect compensation for things that are out of my control. If you are international there is a chance it is in customs so please contact your mail carriers asap. I urge you especially if your an overseas customer, please purchase insurance with your package. I am not held responsible for lost or stolen packages. Knowing this information it is up to the discretion of the customer to purchase from my shop or not without tracking or insurance.

☆Untracked letter mail / choosing no tracking number

By choosing untracked shipping (no tracking number) you are accepting the rare possibility that your order could be lost in the mail with no way of tracking it down. I am not held responsible if in the rare event that your mail gets lost. If you choose untracked shipping then you are accepting that rare possibility if this event happens and will not seek compensation. Please choose tracking for peace of mind.

Order/Refund Policy FAQs

☆I DM'd you on instagram/tumblr/twitter etc. and didn't hear back??

Please please email me! I do not read DMs anymore due to the high volume of messages and spam I get nowadays. All business inquiries or order related messages should be emailed. (My Email = cherrycheezy@outlook.com ) Please also give me your name and/or order number so I know who you are and can help speed up the process. Thank you.

☆I emailed you and I didn't hear back yet??

Please allow 12-48 hours for me to respond. I get a high influx of emails daily and along with managing the shop by myself, I have my family and personal life to attend to. I get to most emails in less than a day but sometimes it can take 2. I appreciate your patience greatly! I mainly answer all emails Monday-Friday, with the weekends I'm usually very busy.

☆Can I cancel my order?

No, all sales are final. Due to too many customers making huge purchases and then having buyer's remorse afterwards, I no longer accept cancelling or partial cancelling orders. Please evaluate your order carefully before making a huge purchase.

☆Can I ask for a refund?

I am not held responsible for lost/stolen/damaged packages that occurred during the delivery process. Refunds are only give to items that arrived to you already damaged. Any other reason does not constitute a refund. It is up to the buyer to correctly choose their sizing or read any listing description. If you are ever unsure about something CONTACT ME before you purchase. ^_^

☆Can I exchange my item or items?

No, all sales are final. Please check over the size chart or other details very carefully before finalizing your purchase. Thank you for your understanding.

 Other FAQs

☆Do you offer plus size thigh highs?

Unfortunately right now I have no plus size options available for my thigh highs.

☆Can I still get a coupon discount after I've paid/made order?

No, coupons must be redeemed at check out cart. YOU HAVE TO APPLY COUPON CODE AT CHECKOUT IN ORDER TO VALIDLY REDEEM YOUR DISCOUNT! I do not honor coupon codes/discounts after you’ve placed an order. You must use the code at check out. You cannot place an order without the coupon and request the discount later if you forget to use the code. Please correctly apply the coupon code or else the discount doesn’t apply. If you have trouble with applying the codes please email me. The coupons codes are programmed to begin and end according to EASTERN time zone and dates.